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Space shooter with a cool game feel. It's a tribute to a famous space opera game. I thought the game as a die and retry, so it's a bit difficult but you gain a lot of skill by training. There are four levels, each has a different objective and a different boss, you gain power-ups between levels. I hope you will have fun, I worked a lot the game feel in flight. SAVE THE UNIVERSE COMMANDER !!

Install instructions

Choose your language (first file is french, second is english), download, unzip, launch, HAVE A LOT OF FUN !! 


elite dangereuse_french.zip 63 MB
elite dangereuse_english.zip 63 MB

Development log


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This is good start to your game programming career :) I really like the cut-scene that gets you ready for the game. You need to put some controls in the game so players know how to get into the ship and control it. I couldn't work out what to do with the collectables (green things) but that might be because my French isn't too great :)

When you have five batteries, you have to Land and go to the laboratory, they will blow every ennemy ship ans they will send another wave, After three wave there is a boss and then a New level when you fly out of the Room. Indeed, commands are written in french ... To land you have to go back to landing pad ,point up your ship ans press enter. In the second level you can have bombs, that you send with control. I Hope you will try again till level four !

I uploaded an English version of the game.